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Answers to some of your questions regarding sensual massage.

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SLC Sensual Massage is dedicated to helping individuals and couples improve the intimacy in their lives through the art of touch. In fact, what we do isn’t really ‘massage’ at all. Massage is used to fix a problem whether it is sore muscles from exertion or rehabilitation from an injury.

I call our program ‘Touch Therapy’, as it is really about learning the art of giving through touch.
Whether you’re coming to us as an individual or as part of a couple we will teach you - in very plain and easy to understand language – how to view and experience touch in a completely different light.

Men tend to touch with an agenda i.e. we ‘take’ when we touch. We don’t ‘give’. Our sessions will open your mind to touching in a whole new way! With each hands-on encounter, you’ll improve your skills in touching and boost your self confidence in your ability to please your partner.

Courses are ‘hands on’ and both you and your partner will get time on the table learning from our experienced staff. You’ll get feedback from us and your partner too!

Lack of communication is one of the cornerstones of an unhappy relationship. Many women don’t feel comfortable telling their partner that they’re not enjoying themselves and men have difficulty admitting that they don’t know how to please their partner – but are afraid to ask.

We solve both these issues during the course of our instruction.

Contact us today to schedule a personalized session! Make 2017 the beginning of a renewed, revitalized relationship. You’ll both be glad you did…

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